Community Volunteers; Mr. James Ochow and Ms. Norah Okolong introducing Champions of Change topics to pupils during the training of Girl’s Rights Clubs in Okeara Primary School, Merikit Sub-county in Tororo

On 13th to 31st March 2017, Forum for African Women Educationalists Uganda Chapter (FAWEU) under the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) project conducted a training on Girls’ Rights Clubs (GRCs) in 32 schools in Tororo District.

The two day training aimed at building the capacity of GRCs (girls) in schools to know and exercise their rights, build their confidence to speak out on issues of girl rights abuse, sexual and gender based violence and refer cases of abuse to relevant authorities. It also focused on training boys on girls’ rights in order to change their negative attitudes, perceptions and practices towards the girl child hence reducing gender inequalities. It further aimed at recruiting boys as allies to supporting girls’ rights in schools and communities.

The girls who attended the training appreciated it and committed to use what they had learnt to advocate for their rights. One of the girls’ rights club member from Okeara Primary school noted that, “The training is going to empower us to be careful in making decisions related to sexual abuse and also ensure timely reporting of such abuse to relevant authorities like the police for action to be taken against people who target and abuse us.”
During the training, facilitators from FAWEU and Community Volunteers also presented various modules of Champions of Change including: being assertive, awareness on gender, body confidence, being informed about Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health, living free from Gender Based Violence, being non-violent in personal relationships and being champions of change committed to gender equality. In addition to FAWEU empowerment tool for young girls and boys “TUSEME” approach, overview of both FAWEU and Plan International Uganda CEDAW project and child protection were also shared.

The training took place in 32 schools and was conducted for two days in each of the schools including Okeara Primary school, Rubongi Primary school, Manjasi Secondary school and Bukeddi Secondary School. It was attended by both adolescent girls and boys between 10 -19 years of age in Tororo district. Each girls’ rights club in school comprised of 33 girls and 30 boys all amounting to 2,016 (1,056 female and 960 boys).

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