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Community Volunteer Facilitator, Rubongi Sub-county Mr. Samuel Odiro engaging club members in outlining strategies to reduce sexual abuses of girls in their communities during the GRC community meeting in Panayangasi parish Tororo

On 20th to 23rd April 2017, FAWEU through Girls Advocacy and Empowerment Project conducted Community Girls’ rights club meetings with school dropout girls and men club members in 16 parishes in Tororo.The meetings aimed at enabling girls’ rights club members to identify cases of abuse girls face, share their experiences and find lasting solutions to combat the abuses.

Speaking during the meeting, Mr. Oyana Steven the Chairperson Parish Development Committee (PDC) Kayoro parish in Osukuru sub-county in Tororo said that, “Many school dropout girls in this parish wish to join the girls’ rights club as members to support the cause of protecting the girl child’s rights but the number is limited, I request that numbers be adjusted to accommodate more girls”. He further appreciated the CEDAW project and expressed that, “It helps engage the girls hence minimizing other risks associated to idleness and disorderliness that could expose them to unfriendly ventures.”

Mr. Joel Orapuna member of the men club Osukuru Sub-county in Tororo revealed that, “The project has empowered and restored hope to most of the school dropout girls. He noted that, “The future of the person is determined by what he/she is doing now.” He encouraged girls to be anxious to learn and be aggressive to take-up something purposeful, and avoid wasting time as youth.

Some of the girls in the community expressed their appreciation for the CEDAW project and below is what they had to say.
Mrs. Awinjo Mary from Osukuru Sub-county Tororo, expressed her burning wish to return to school. She said that, “If any opportunity came my way, I would appreciate to return to school or open-up a small business. I would hold these with both hands and not let it go to waste because this could help improve my current situation.”

Awori Martha a14 year old girl, in primary five from Achilet Primary School in Rubongi Sub-county said that, “In my school majority of boys like playing with girls, touching their breasts and bums but as a result of the training on champions of change - being assertive and ‘TUSEME’ girl empowerment tool (let us speak out) I can now confidently say no to such behavior, report such cases or any of girls’ rights abuse to relevant authorities both within school and community.”

The Sub-county Chief of Osukuru in Tororo district, Mr. Were James while giving closing remarks during girls’ rights club meeting in Kayoro Parish expressed that the FAWEU – Plan International Uganda’s CEDAW project, “Is doing great work in communities and has already changed the predominant socio-cultural backwardness, negative attitudes and practices that existed here and matted against women and girls hence empowering them to have a brighter future”.

A total of 960 (480 male and 480 female) girls’ rights club members participated in the meetings that were facilitated by 16 Community Volunteers.

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