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FAWEU Awarded National NGO Quality Assurance Certificate (QuAM)

Left: FAWEU Communications and Advocacy Officer, Juliet Kimotho receiving FAWEU’s advanced QuAM Certificate from QuAM National Council Officials

On 23rd of June 2016, FAWEU was awarded the prestigious Quality Assurance Advanced Certificate, an accolade associated with good governance and proficiency in delivery of services among Non-governmental Organizations in Uganda. This was after top officials from NGO Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM) Council led by Dr.WinnieTarinyebwa, the Vice-Chairperson of the National QuAM Council carried out a successful vetting process on the 17th of May 2016 at the organization’s Office in Bukoto. 

The process involved examination of the organization’s guiding documents, policies, regulations and procedures and their applicability to the actual institutional practice. Furthermore, applying for the QuAM certification process is a sign of openness and transparency of the management and affairs of FAWE Uganda.

The NGO Quality Assurance Mechanism (QuAM) is a self-assessment initiative developed by NGOs and for NGOs. It aims to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of NGOs and contribute to the overall improvement in the public legitimacy of the sector.

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