Forum for African Women Educationalists - Uganda Chapter (FAWEU)

"20 Years of Enhancing Girls' and Women's Education for Development" FAWE Uganda 1997-2017

FAWEU marks 20 Years in existence

“Enabling positive change for girls’ Education” is the noble duty of Forum For African Women Educationalists Uganda (FAWEU), as enshrined in our vision of a country in which all girls and women have access to equitable quality education, that enables them to effectively participate in development at all levels and our mission to promote gender equity and equality in education in Uganda, by influencing policies and nurturing positive practices and attitudes towards girls’ education.

The year 2017 brings FAWEU to twenty (20) years of stretching out hands of succor and guidance to the needy girl-child in Uganda. Over the years, since our inception in 1997, we have seen our interventions impacting thousands of girls, boys and young women and men through education. We are very proud of having made this noble contribution to Education in Uganda and thank the Government, Development and other partners and all friends and well-wishers, without whose support and good will, we would never have managed.

Looking ahead, we note that an educated girl and woman are empowered and hold the key to kick-start all inclusive economic growth of Uganda, and are very key, if Uganda is to attain a middle income status by 2020. This view is evident as well at continental and global level, as evidenced by the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025) which emphasizes the need to accelerate processes leading to gender parity and equity and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 5, which lay emphasis on education for all and gender equity and equality.
I therefore congratulate FAWEU founders (1997) for their foresight; the governance and management over the twenty (20) years, for a job well done.
Wishing you the best of returns in 2017.

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