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ASRH - Packard Project

The project goal is to use education and advocacy to implement FAWEU in partnership with David and Lucile Packard Foundation successfully implemented a 3 year pilot project (2011 to 2013) on mainstreaming sexual reproductive health in education in 5 secondary schools in Western Uganda. Consequently the project model was recommended for replication in other parts of the country. FAWEU therefore sought additional funding from David and Lucile Packard Foundation to undertake a 3-year project entitled Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health: Fulfilling African Girls’ Rights to delay sexual debut, early marriage and early child bearing in Eastern Uganda.  As such FAWEU is rolling out the ASRH project in Kamuli district in Eastern Uganda for three years (2014 to 2016).  Kamuli district was chosen based on various reports showing persistent challenges in girls’ education particularly those related to sexual reproductive health concerns. The primary target for the project is young people among 25 secondary schools, 10 primary schools (35 schools) and one university located in Kamuli district (Busitema University, Kamuli Campus). 

A package of interventions that protect the sexual and reproductive health of young people particularly girls by enabling them to access age-appropriate information and services that meet their needs in order to fulfill their right to healthy sexuality as well as reproduction. A total of 25 secondary schools and 10 primary schools were successfully selected. 

 Schools implementing the ASRH project include;

  Government aided secondary schools implementing USE

  1. 1)Balawoli S.S.S
  2. 2)Bugulumbya S.S
  3. 3)St. John Bosco Kamuli
  4. 4)Buzaya S.S
  5. 5)Kabukye S.S
  6. 6)Matuuma S.S
  7. 7)Busoga High School
  8. 8)St. Paul S.S Mbulamuti
  9. 9)Namasagali College
  10. 10)Kamuli Gilrs College
  11. 11)St. Peters Namwendwa S.S
  12. 12)Luzinga S.S

Private Secondary schools implementing USE

  1. 1)Bulopa Green Hills College
  2. 2)St. Andrew S.S – Naminage
  3. 3)Bulopa S.S
  4. 4)Valley view Namisambya
  5. 5)Bugeywa S.S
  6. 6)Kamuli College
  7. 7)Royal College Kamuli
  8. 8)Standard Central College – Namwendwa
  9. 9)Kamuli Progressive College
  10. 10)Kasambira High School
  11. 11)Bugabula S.S – Naminage
  12. 12)Standard College, Buwag
  13. 13)Nawanyago College

Government Primary schools implementing UPE

  1. 1)Kyamatende P/S
  2. 2)Nababirye Madraasat P/S
  3. 3)Kasolwe P/S
  4. 4)Nayibowa Moslem P/S
  5. 5)Namasagali P/S
  6. 6)Nsiimba Moslem P/S
  7. 7)Kazosi P/S
  8. 8)Nawandyo P/S
  9. 9)Kidik P/S
  10. 10)Bugutu P/S
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