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Access to education is one of the fundamental rights of every child which should be delivered in a conducive and safe learning environment. Children need to access quality education and complete the education cycle in an environment free from violence.

In view of this, FAWEU organized a four day workshop in Fort Portal on child protection for 60 teachers and 60 non-teaching staff from Kasese, Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts.

The workshop aimed at; a) improving the understanding of child protection among the school teachers, b) equipping the teachers with knowledge and skills on monitoring and reporting abuse using the report, tracking, response, and referral (RTRR guidelines), c) strengthening skills to recognize diverse child protection issues in schools and communities, d) strengthening teachers’ skills in upholding child rights and e) equipping teachers with knowledge and skills on alternatives to corporal punishment (safer school concept).

Speaking during the workshop, FAWEU Project Coordinator (Violence against children in schools) Ms. Lynn Nakabugo emphasized the importance of the workshop and added that it aimed at creating a violent-free school environment for children. However, she urged the participants to fully and actively participate so as to derive maximum benefits and achieve the workshop objectives.
Participants were equipped with knowledge on various topics such as; child rights and responsibilities, international, regional and national frameworks for child protection, systems approach to child protection, protective environment and rings of responsibility, the linkage between education and protection, creating a protective environment, corporal punishment and positive discipline, discipline Not Punishment: Alternatives to corporal punishment, defining Abuse and identifying different forms of child abuse and RTRR guidelines on violence against children in schools.

Speaking during the workshop, a facilitator from the National Children’s Authority Mr. Tom Mulundu said that the goal of child protection is to promote, protect and fulfill children’s rights to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other human rights, humanitarian and refugee treaties and conventions, as well as national laws.

Participants were trained on how education can help to protect children, for example schools should be a place where children feel free to communicate that they are in trouble and teachers should also be able to recognize abuse and respond to it in a sensitive manner.
It was noted that a safer school provides an environment, relationships and governance structures that enable children to grow to their full potential, to become compassionate, responsible, creative and thoughtful individuals. Moreover a safer school has a zero tolerance policy toward corporal punishment and uses a positive discipline approach which helps children develop self-discipline by providing children with mentoring, clear guidelines and ongoing support.

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