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The Police Spokesperson in charge of Eastern Region ASP. Kamulya Sowali (in blue T-shirt) responding to a caller on the issue of  paying bribes to Police Officers to handles cases of girls abuse including transport facilitation and paying for police forms etc, (in red) is Mrs. Amoit Lydia Tororo District Gender Officer.

On 31st March 2017, Forum for African Women Educationalists Uganda Chapter (FAWEU) through Girls Advocacy and Empowerment Project held a one hour Radio Talk Show at Rock Mambo 106.8 FM with the main objective of creating awareness about the challenges girls face including; violation of girl’s rights, the high rates of abuses they face and what needs to be done by various stakeholders including; the District authorities/Government, the Uganda police and community leaders to avert the situation in Tororo district. It also aimed at sensitizing community members on the concept of Child Protection, ending Child abuse and build the capacity of Girls Rights Clubs (GRCs) to know and exercise their rights, build their confidence to speak out on issues of girl rights abuse, sexual and gender based violence and referring cases of abuse to relevant authorities including the concerned district structures - Uganda police, local leaders and community members.

The Radio talk show featured representatives from the Tororo District officials including, the Gender Officer, Police Spokesperson (PRO) in charge of Eastern Region, FAWEU Project Officer and four members of the Girl’s Right Clubs (GRCs) from the four project sub-counties of Osukuru, Merikit, Kisoko and Rubongi. During the talk show, they pointed out the different and common abuses girls in the district face namely; early child marriages, teenage pregnancy, rape and defilement, violent abuse – sexual, physical, emotional and psychological in addition to child labour and exploitation.

Mrs. Amoit Lydia, Tororo District Gender Officer said that, “In an effort to end abuse and violence against the girl child, the district is passing two new ordinances on Education and ending sexual violence against teenage girls. They are currently at Ministerial level where by any person involved in negotiation of cases of Child/Girls abuse will face the full brunt of the law.” She also called upon parents and care takers to be responsible and provide basic needs for their children, end discrimination and failure to do so tantamount to violation of their rights. She noted that, “In most families boys are not allowed to do house hold work such as cooking and everything is left to the girls resulting to less time given to them to concentrate on their studies, interaction and social development.”

The Uganda Police Force (UPF) Spokesperson In-charge of Eastern – Bukedi Region, ASP. Kamulya Sowali cautioned members of the Uganda police to protect their integrity and adhere to professionalism while handling cases of child rights abuse. He warned that, “Any police officer found asking for money or bribery to facilitate cases of child abuse is doing so as individual and not as the institution of the police force; and he/she should be reported immediately for action to be taken against them.” He added that, “The Uganda constitution protects all children including girls from abuse and exploitation and those below twelve (12) years of age or underage girls have no capacity or right to claim that they love the man/boy who has sexually abused them. He urged all State actors to handle such cases on behalf of the underage girls or those below 12 years”. The Radio talk show held targeted district officials for policy influencing at the lower level; Community members, Parents, Local Leaders and Students in Tororo and neighboring districts to enable them take action and combat child abuse.