Testimonies from FAWEU Beneficiaries

Moses Teko's career journey

In his words, Moses Teko, a FAWEU beneficiary under the Karamoja Irish Aid Bursary Project for Higher Education said that, “I do believe that each one of us is born with a seed of greatness and it’s our responsibility to nurture it and make it grow”.

On February 2017 he graduated with flying colours, attaining a First Class degree with 4.62 GPA in Bachelor of Human Resource Management from Makerere University Business School.
Despite the success he achieved, he is the only child who has gone this far in education, among his family. His education journey has been a great battle, especially before being awarded a scholarship by FAWEU.

Teko faced many challenges during his Ordinary level education, such as lack of school fees, school requirements, transport, poor hygiene, and reading materials. Despite all those challenges, he excelled in ‘O’ level with a first grade and was the best student in Moroto High School. Unfortunately he remained at home due to lack of school fees for first term, when his colleagues were joining senior five. Nevertheless, he still had hope that he would join ‘A’ level or do a course.

He shared his problem with the deputy teacher and he was lucky to be interviewed by FAWEU team, who had gone in search of bright but economically disadvantaged students to replace those that had dropped off the programme for various reasons. Teko was admitted on to the (FAWEU) Karamoja Irish Aid Bursary Project in 2010, during the second term of senior five.
“Though all the above challenges existed, I knew financial bankruptcy is a temporary state for those who never give up their dreams or lose their empowering belief in attaining success, so I had to work hard. That’s why in just one day all the obstacles were turned in to opportunities by FAWEU scholarship. So FAWEU has changed my life today by availing me with all and beyond what seemed to be my obstacle”

Behind his success of attaining a First Class degree, there were many secrets that helped Teko to achieve and he advised other FAWEU beneficiaries and students to; have positive attitude towards studies, be focused, set targets goals, have self-confidence, understand their background, attend lessons and lectures effectively, make proper choice of friends, have self-discipline, consult teachers and lecturers, have a role model and trust God the giver of life because there is a saying that, “Education without God produces clever devils”
He sincerely thanked God almighty for all the graces granted unto him and all the people who have been behind his success as well as all teachers and lectures, friends and relatives who have graciously shared their experiences, insights and wisdom.

In his concluding remarks he said; “In a special way I am indebted to FAWE Uganda and Irish funders, for the heart and soul of my achievement is from their generosity to make a difference. Not forgetting the Director and all staffs of FAWEU whose relentless efforts in making FAWEU a going entity and Karamoja to shine cannot be overlooked. May God reward all of you abundantly. I further appeal to FAWEU to support me in the pursuit of a Master’s degree in the same field of study. I would be very grateful for your continued support”.




FAWEU would like to congratulate six graduates from Makerere University class of 2013/2014.  The graduates were beneficiaries of the FAWEU- Irish Aid Karamoja Bursary Programme.


On their part, the graduates were very grateful for the grand opportunity that was given to them through this Bursary and promised to give back to FAWEU and the people of Karamoja.


Ms. Lochoro Teddy(left), FAWEU Executive Director & Mr. Loiki John Mark (right)


Ms. Akol Racheal & Ms. Angolere Prisca


Mr. Larok Nicholas Ochan


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