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FAWE Uganda is one of the 34 National chapters of Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) a pan African Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) operating in 33 countries across Africa. The mother Organization (FAWE) was started in 1992 by five African Women Ministers of Education. Today FAWE’s mission is to ensure that considerable attention is paid to gender imbalances in Education and that steps are taken to enable more girls access quality Education, complete their studies and perform well at all levels. FAWE has a regional secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Uganda Chapter was established in February 1997. Our vision is, A country in which all girls and women have access to equitable quality education that enables them to effectively participate in development at all levels.This is operationalized by her mission, “To promote gender equity and equality in Education in Uganda by influencing policies and nurturing positive practices and attitudes towards girls’ education.
FAWE Uganda membership is open to all Organizations and Corporate Companies, Institutions and Individuals passionate about the girl child’s education.
Support young women and men acquire education, necessary skills, get employment
and contribute to the economic development of their communities and country.
  • To participate in the recruitment of a cross section of people as promoters and advocates for the girls’ education.
  • Review how FAWE Uganda members shall participate in FAWEU activities thereby creating a sense of ownership.
  • To equip members with basic skills to facilitate advocacy work for gender parity in education
  • To strengthen local sources of funding through membership contributions
  • To partner or support FAWE Uganda’s activities focused at raising funds to facilitate the education of vulnerable girls – young women and men in Uganda
  • Contribute to FAWEU resource mobilization strategy for sustainability.
A FAWE Uganda member is any individual/organization who is passionate about the education and skilling of young women and men. They are those fully paid-up for both the registration and the annual subscription fees.
  • Professional and ethical individuals passionate about contributing to the education of vulnerable young women and men.
  • Individuals passionate about supporting the underprivileged and giving back to the community.
  • Corporate organizations/ companies/individuals passionate about supporting & promoting education of the underprivileged young women and men.
  • All former beneficiaries (FABA) of FAWE Uganda willing to give back both in form of skills and any other resources in order to support others acquire education.
  • Registration card with personal number (number cancelled on failure to renew membership for 3 consecutive years)
  • Induction and orientation to FAWE Uganda values and activities.
  • Holding Executive Office and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. In addition, to the opportunity to join FAWE Uganda Board of Directors as either a member or hold a position on the governing body. This will be achieved upon elections at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • A platform to mentor and inspire students to be successful through serving as role models to them. They will have a forum to share with the students their life experiences including imparting in them life skills and simple every day steps to overcome challenges in life.
  • Opportunities to serve as judges or adjudicators for   different student competitions organized by FAWE Uganda across Ugandan Secondary Schools i.e. during the regional and national science competitions.
  • Opportunities to further education with FAWE Regional Secretariat and FAWE Uganda affiliations in different Universities across the world. Members will also receive first hand information following calls or adverts for scholarship opportunities in different institutions across the globe.
  • Opportunity to secure recommendations for jobs or education opportunities from FAWE Uganda whenever, there’s need.
  • Recognition by FAWE Uganda for supporting the education of the girl child in Uganda, Africa and beyond. This will be achieved through awarding certificates and membership cards to fully registered members.
  • Participate in resource mobilization for the organization through sourcing for funding opportunities; and fundraising activities etc.
  • A forum to network, learn and share their knowledge and experiences with others. This could help in furthering careers, education and enhance social support structures among members.
  • Will be part of the FAWE Uganda family and receive regular updates on the new developments in the organization including sharing of all News Letters and activity reports. In addition to FAWE Uganda Resource Centre.
Tertiary Institutions, Universities, vocational institutions, Secondary school benefits
  • Has the opportunity to second vulnerable children for scholarship opportunities for as long as they meet the required guidelines and qualifications
  • Scholarship opportunities are awarded to partner schools, students and the school fees paid to the schools directly.
  • The new and available secondary school education projects will be implemented in or in partnership with the schools.
  • Capacity building for partner institutions including training opportunities for school administrators (Head teachers and teachers) and inspiring and life talks for the students.
Corporate Companies Benefits
  • Branding at all FAWE Uganda events.
  • Partnering with FAWE Uganda to hold different engagements in selected schools and institutions.
  • Brand association and affiliation with FAWE Uganda such as insertion of logos on FAWE Uganda’s branding materials, in addition to running joint advert in the media.
  • Implement humanitarian and education causes with FAWE Uganda.
  1. Board Members – Registration is UGX 50,000/= (one off) and annual subscription fee is UGX 200,000/= per year
  2. Individual member – Registration UGX 50,000/= (one off) and the annual subscription fee of  UGX 100,000/= per year
  3. Secondary Schools  is UGX 50,000/= registration (one off) and Annual Subscription of UGX 200,000/= per year
  4. Universities/Institutions and Corporate Companies- Registration UGX
     (one off) and Annual subscription UGX 500,000/= per year
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    Tayebwa Racheal

    Thanks FAWEU for creating a positive change in our country Uganda. Forever grateful.

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    I have a senior student who does not have school fees and I would like to apply for sponsorship for this girls child. She scored aggregate 12 at primary seven and is right now in a very fake school because the parents cannot afford her school fees How can this girl be helped.

  3. 1

    Rebecca Kyogabirwe

    Hello, am a beneficiary of FAWEU, they came to my rescue in 2011 when i was almost dropping out of school at Bweranyangi Girls secondary school. i got many opportunities after my high school and I would like to share my fawe story with other Fawe beneficiaries and the whole world. Long Live FAWEU

  4. 1

    Ongiertho ronald

    I very happy to know about FAWE

    1. 1


      Dear Ronald,

      Kindly join the membership fraternity


  5. 1

    Irene nanyunja

    We shall Join any time from now we are group of single mothers in masaka

    1. 1


      Dear Irene,

      We shall be glad to receive you.

      Thank you and best regards to your colleagues.


  6. 1

    Namago sarah

    Thanks for the work done,I have deaf school whose parents can’t afford to pay any fees,scholastic materials, how can you help

    1. 1


      Dear Sarah,

      Kindly check our website for the available scholarship in Secondary School.

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    Opio Samuel Bob

    I have love and like your programs fawe Uganda, this what I have been praying for do you partner with small upcoming organisation to help in leading and building this children as they continue with their studies.

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    Nabukenya Stella

    This is beautiful I want to be part of u


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